We believe there is a home for every pet and enough love to save them all.



Over 2.7 million healthy animals are euthanized in US shelters every year.



There are millions pets put down every year in shelters around the world. We believe that there's a home for every pet and enough love to save every life.

With the use of technology, we believe we can revolutionise the rescue industry and bring an end to the euthanizing of healthy animals in shelters.

For the first time, Rescue Buddy is bringing all the healthy animals scheduled for euthanization from across the country into a single site, designed to empower each and every one of us to change their fates by clicking on one of 3 simple options.

1. Rescue - Adopt or foster enquire

2. Donate - Buy them more time

3. Relocate - Transport them to a nearby no-kill shelter.

Together, we can make a difference today for so many who don't have tomorrow.